One More Step Towards a Sustainable Future with Recycled Caps!

Ensuring the continuity of the planet’s life cycle requires significant responsibilities not only from governments but also from individuals and institutions. One of the major obstacles to sustainability is waste. The circular economy model, which aims to reduce resource wastage and waste, is becoming increasingly important. The fundamental goal of the circular economy is to prevent waste, repair, reuse, re-manufacture, and recycle, thus using fewer resources.

donusturullmus kapak 1

As a business that processes and produces the most milk and dairy products in Turkey, with a daily capacity of five thousand tons, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to society and the environment. One of the areas we focus on for a livable future is waste management. While striving to deliver quality, nutritious, healthy, and delicious products in their most natural form to our consumers, we also develop projects to reduce our waste and carbon footprint, leveraging one of our strongest muscles: innovation.

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In our R&D Center, together with our researchers and engineers, we have initiated the use of fully PET material in the transparent lids of our product packaging through an innovation project we developed and completed. This new approach uses 50% recycled and 50% original raw materials instead of PVC. By using recycled and recyclable materials in production, we have not only prevented the use of more plastic but also contributed to the circular economy. This project also supports the 12th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’, specifically its 5th objective, which aims to significantly reduce solid waste production through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse by 2030. Our next goal is to completely prevent further plastic production by using 100% recycled PET in the transparent lids.

Yasin Gül
Ak Gıda-İçim Milk R&D Director