Challenging yourself and others in order to work efficiently and to deliver required business results.

People Development

Ability to identify and maximize the underlying potential to bring long-term benefits to the business and individuals. Ability to motivate, develop, and train oneself and employees so as to prepare their career path and ensure that they adapt to changes within the company

Continuous Improvement

Looking for ways to continuously improve the quality, and effectiveness of Lactalis performance.



Stand by one’s commitment, deliver the results in a transparent manner


Embracing the business. Acting bravely and seizing opportunities to improve business. Taking appropriate risks without fear of failure by weighing up the cost-benefit & risk implications.


Support with integrity & respect the company by his/her actions and behaviors (incl. colleagues & products)


Being determined not to give up its purpose and make every effort to achieve the result

With Simplicity


Behave with freedom from complexity, the absence of pretentiousness, and simplicity of manner.


Being able to convey the company objectives in concrete goals for employees. Apply common sense to prioritize workload, requests, reflections, and actions


Disseminate information top-down and laterally. To act with purpose and common sense in the Group’s interest