Children at Ak Gıda Illustrate the Importance of Water for Life Through Their Drawings

Preserving natural resources is of great importance for a sustainable world and future generations. At Ak Gıda – İçim Milk, we operate with the awareness that every drop of water used in our production activities is valuable.

In addition to our investments aimed at water conservation in our industrial activities, we also conduct efforts aimed at raising awareness about the importance of water conservation. In this context, the children of our colleagues depicted their vision of clean water, water resources, and the importance of water for life in their drawings. All the children participating in our ‘Protection of Water Resources’ themed drawing contest expressed through their artwork how aware the future generations are about the importance of water for life and how much they love nature.

You can access the impressive drawings by the children at Ak Gıda, expressing their sensitivity towards the importance and conservation of water, here.

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