Ak Gıda | 10 Reasons to Work at Ak Gıda

If the your work is meaningful it becomes the source of success and happiness. Do want to know why we work at Ak Gıda and how we find purpose in our work every day?

You have the opportunity to work with leading experts in their field and to develop yourself.

You become part of a company that cares much about human health and that offers process beneficial for society.

You have the opportunity to develop your competencies whenever you so wish, using the various learning and development programmes on offer.

You have the opportunity to develop yourself at Ak Gıda and pursue an international career in the more than 86 countries in which Lactalis is active.

We offer you the opportunity to work in a nimble company whose activities give you purpose and to which you can add value.

You get the chance to work for a company that produces new products with a scientific and innovative perspective.

Thanks to our glocal structure our projects give you the opportunity to come in contact with different cultures and work there.

You become part of an organisation that listens to the views and suggestions of its employees using various platforms, and that puts such ideas into practice.

You have the opportunity to work for a leader company in the challenging milk and dairy products sector.

You can both develop yourself, using our various programmes, and have a good time with your colleagues.


If you want to become a member of a team that is producing tasty products and at the same time spice up your career, Ak Gıda's job opportunities are exactly what you are looking for.


These days we spend a large part of our time in an office. We want our work to be purposeful and valuable. And we want to be happy. Do you want to find out whether our corporate culture and values suit you?

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