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17. Alt�n �r�mcek Awards

My professional life began in 2009 and in 2014 I joined the Ak Gıda family as R&D expert.

At the time when I began to appreciate the distinction of a corporate organisation with a lot of know-how, Ak Gıda was bought by Group Lactalis. After the acquisition, I began to experience the advantages of a global corporate library.

Working at Ak Gıda is like a school that never ends. If you are a diligent student, there is so much you can learn.

Ayşen Can

When I joined Ak Gıda to start my professional career I had a huge learning need because the branch I was working in was new to me. Thanks to the company’s understanding of transparency and its dynamic structure I had speedy access to the information I needed, and the decision-making process was not hampered by bureaucracy. Both while defining the road map in the IT department of our company and while carrying out our projects, with our nimble structure and commitment we ensure trust. We support each other and jointly give it our best in order to achieve all team targets.

Kutay Mutluer

I consider myself lucky to have begun my career at Ak Gıda. I feel very happy to be working in an environment where I continuously learn new things and where the people I work with contribute to my development. We carry out interesting projects with a dynamic team where we can freely speak our mind. Ak Gıda is a company open to innovation. When we launch these new products the entire team is involved in this exciting moment. During the realisation of innovations and projects it becomes obvious to me how the work and my personal competencies are developing. This helps me to gain a new perspective.

Tuğçe Bıçakçı

To work at Ak Gıda is very valuable for me because the company offers the opportunity of continuous learning and development, adapts to change, meets the expectations of its employees, and cares about the needs of its customers. For these reasons, I am very happy to work as a member of the Ak Gıda family.

Talha Saka

"Ak Gıda'da Satış Temsilcisi olarak başladığım kariyerime Yerel Zincirler Satış Yöneticisi olarak devam ediyorum. Şirketimizin kadın istihdamına verdiği önem, bana bu kariyer yolculuğunda güç veriyor. Ek olarak; rafa yerleştirdiğimiz her içim ürününde bir kadın satışçı olarak payımın olduğunu bilmek de mutluluk verici...

Hem sağlıklı hem lezzetli ürünler sunan Ak Gıda gibi lider bir firmada ve böyle bir ekiple çalışmaktan gurur duyuyorum."

Hicran Pehlivan

I am proud to work for Ak Gıda because it allows us to contribute to the economy of our country. We work for the purpose of progressing one step at a time, every day. To pursue the same purpose in a self-confident team that values your contribution, leaves you with other things at the end of the day than tiredness. Ak Gıda is an academy that trains its employees on the job, and with its brand value makes its employees more valuable.

Serhan Kepenek

Before commencing work I had reservations about living in Karaman. But after some time at the facility, it was in particular the relationships at the plant that sped up my integration in the city. The knowledge I gained in cost control and production processes made me an expert of the dairy industry.

For me, the most entertaining side of being at Ak Gıda is the challenge and the motivation it provides. Another important aspect is working in a sector that produces healthy products.

Bengisu Sarıtürk

The presence of our production facility in Karaman, provides me with the opportunity to come into contact with different branches of the economy and to add a new perspective to my work experience.

Özgür Kayalı

The good atmosphere among colleagues at the facility, and the help we extend to each other makes me happy. Life in a place like Karaman is a life without traffic stress. This calm and peaceful life really makes you happy.

As I found out during my time at Ak Gıda, the fact that I love my profession is not only due to the work I do. It feels super to be the member of a smiling team 😊.

Deniz Gülen

As a member of the Ak Gıda family where we have common values, always aim for the best, overcome challenges at work and outside of work together and share our success and happiness, I am very happy working at my company.

Hüseyin Şahin

I am very happy to work in my company as a member of the Ak Gıda family. We share the same values, we all always strive for the best, we overcome challenges at the workplace and outside of it together, and we share our success and happiness.

I had never before lived in Aydın, so when I was offered my first employment there, I had some reservations. However, the positive, warm and professional environment I encountered at the facility ensure my quick adaptation. The sincerity of the entire team, the openness to innovation and the commitment have a positive impact on my work environment and contribute to my performance improvement.

The plant is located in the Aegean region, one of the most beautiful and most liveable places in Turkey. That contributes to my desire to work there.

The Ak Gıda facility in Kahramanmaraş is equipped with all that in necessary for a professional life. In addition to that it offers a strong and sincere environment of colleagueship which makes people happy.

Yusuf Önder Özarslan

I am happy to work for a company that has internalised the importance of team work to achieve success.

To be a member of a company in the Maraş region that takes its reference from global experience, that produces innovative products and leads the way in this respect opens the doors to a rich new world.

Öznur Ergül

To work for a company, at a facility that produces natural products for everybody, big and small, to learn at work, to continuously develop and to bring a smile to the face of a child with products to which I have made a contribution is a great feeling!

Nurullah Gülmez

Lüleburgaz Ak Gıda is a team that makes its employees feel like members of a family and values them and their ideas. Working in a culture where people smile, greet each other, ask after one another, thank each other, work with team spirit, are able to say “This is Our Work” and experience common pride makes me very happy.

Çağrı Kılıç

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The Ak Gıda talent management is planned at the Talent Management Review Meetings held each year in April...

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