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In line with its global approach, Ak Gıda organises its “Real taste for food engineering” programme in cooperation with ESA (Ecole Superieur d’Agriculture), one of France’s most prestigious schools. Are you interested in a master's programme in food engineering of up to 2.5 years? At the same time, you have the opportunity to complete an internship at one of Group Lactalis’ production facilities in France. This programme which shall be covered completely by Ak Gıda is exactly what you were looking for!

Best of all, the advantages of this attractive opportunity do not end there:

• After a 6-month intensive course in French you will be able to speak the language fluently.
• When you return to Turkey after 2.5 years you can continue your career at Ak Gıda.

If you want to take part in the programme and try it out, send us your application. We accept applications every year in September-October. You can also follow us via the internet to get to know us better.

Application conditions:

• To be a recent graduate of Food Engineering or graduate student of Food Engineering
• B277 in English
• Not less than 2.8
• Motivation to live in France for 2.5 years
• Born after 1997 (under French law)



Thanks to Lactalis-Ak Gıda I finished my language course in France in the first 5 months. Within 5 months I learned what I would have otherwise learned only after many years of great effort. When I arrived here, I did not speak French. With the training I received at L'Université Catholique de l'Ouest, which has been teaching French to foreigners since 1947, I can proudly say that I have learned it. I stayed with 2 French families organised by our school. This allowed me to both improve my language skills and to learn French culture by example in a short period of time. On 21 August I began my preparation course for the master's programme at the Ecole Supérieure d'Agricultures (ESA). I am happy to be here. I am grateful to Lactalis for providing the young generation with such an opportunity.

Kimya Katuç

Since April I am taking part in the Real taste of engineering programme sponsored by Ak Gıda and organised in France. I have now finished my first 8 months of the programme. In the first 5 months I learned general and technical French while staying with 2 French families. I learned the French language, culture and traditions from close observation. In September I took up my 2-year master's course at the
École Supérieure d'Agriculture. The first 3 months were dedicated to general orientation, engineering, IT/informatics tools and food production. My course mates are not only French, but from countries like Ireland, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Algeria and Zambia whose studies are sponsored by Lactalis. I spent a large part of the last month at one of Lactalis’ facilities in France where I had the opportunity to practically apply what I have learned, and to get a taste of its corporate atmosphere. Until September 2018 I will spent monthly periods at a plant that produces the President brand cheese and will work with the production team. President is one of France’s favourite Brie type cheese which is also exported.

Fatih Oruç

If you want to gain sales expertise this is the right programme for you!


With Ak Gıda's internship programme "Real taste of internship" you can experience a real internship with a 3-monthly summer project.

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