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As Icim brand, which entered the milk and dairy products market in 1998, we have been bringing many products of our natural, delicious, high quality and nutritious products to our customers as much as the milk, yoghurt,

With 126 different product types, İçim, milk and dairy products are among the top 3 brands in the market. The taste and naturalness of Içim enjoys national and international recognition in the field of natural and flavorful items.

In 2016-2018, İçim cheese, yoghurt and ayran products were awarded the "Outstanding Taste Award" by the International Taste and Quality Institute, which is known as "Michelin Guide for Foods". The interests of our consumers, our brands and our products are motivating us. We work with new products every day to provide a much better service to our consumers.

I am inspired by the essence of Anneler's family, not the so-called essence; natural, quality, fresh and accessible products will continue to flavor the life...


Since the day we are established, we are bringing many products with natural, delicious, high quality and nutritious products as consumer as milk pudding, kefir, fresh pudding ready pudding...

İçim İçim Rahat İçim İçimino İçim Dolcia İçim Simitle İçim Şef İçim Fit İçim Light