Ak Gıda | Data Security Policy

17. Alt�n �r�mcek Awards

Ak Gıda (AK GIDA SAN. VE TİC.A.Ş.) warrants that all activities of its Information Security Management System, carried out in the context of its data security policy, comply with the standard ISO 27001:2013. This policy serves the purpose of protecting its assets including its customs and foreign trade activities such as imports, exports, transit procedures, customs clearance, and the electronic data related to those procedures, namely logistics, warehousing, accounting, finance and data processing. Ak Gıda (AK GIDA SAN. VE TİC.A.Ş.) assures.

  • to ensure safe access to data assets pertaining to the company and its stakeholders,
  • to protect the usability of the data, their integrity and confidentiality,
  • to evaluate and manage the risks that may affect the data assets of the company and its stakeholders,
  • to protect the safety of the organisation and its brand image,
  • to apply the necessary sanctions in case of breach of data security,
  •  to comply with its data security obligations emanating from national, international or sectoral regulations it is subject to, from legal provisions it must comply with, from agreements it is party to, from corporate responsibilities with respect to internal and external stakeholders,
  • to ensure to reduce the impact of data security risks to the continuity of its business / services, and
  • to maintain and improve its established control infrastructure and data security level.

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