Ak Gıda | Our Values

17. Alt�n �r�mcek Awards

Being performance-focussed

Encouraging every individual and others to work productively and to achieve planned business results.

Developing skills

Identifying potential and developing it to the highest level benefits the individual and the company in the long term.

Focussing on continuous development

The company pursues the path of continuous development in order to improve performance efficiency, its productivity and its quality.


Being accountable

Taking responsibility for one’s actions; taking brave decisions and the responsibility for their consequences.

Being enterprising

Embracing one’s work. Acting courageously, seizing opportunities to develop the business. Taking calculated risks without fear of failure, by carrying out cost-benefit and other necessary analyses.

High degree of loyalty to the company

Encouraging an honest and respectful work environment through one’s own conduct and actions.

Being determined

Being determined to reach one’s goal, making every effort and not giving up easily.

And Simplicity
And Simplicity

Being accessible

Being accessible, modest and establishing relationships based on trust

Being pragmatic

Prioritising work load, requests, actions to be taken and their consequences using common sense. Defining simplification opportunities in order to reduce complexity and bureaucracy to a minimum.

Being transparent

Sharing information with the team, the managers and equal positions. Acting with common sense for the good of the company.


We are experts, we are nimble, we are committed, we are glocal...


Ak Gıda is pro-active and innovative in its actions to protect the environment. In the eyes of all our stakeholders we want to be one of the most responsible companies. That distinguishes us.

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